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    Welcome to JOSEMAR GROUP

    Josemar group is Lebanon’s leading independent family owned ship agent and freight Forwarder. We cater your shipping needs to and from Lebanon.

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    Who We Are

    We Are Josemar Group

    Your shipping partner in Lebanon. The group consists of 3 independent companies covering pretty much all shipping aspects in Lebanon. We can handle ship related matters from agency to cargo. We handle custom clearance and door delivery for anything from a small personal parcel to a power plant. We can offer you competitive transportation by land and air. We have on board a shipping lawyer and a chartered shipbroker with many years of experience in Europe and the Middle East.

    About us

    Shipping Is In Our DNA

    Josemar Shipping Agency

    Josemar shipping agency brings together over 50years of experience in ship agency and port operations

    Jozema logistics LLC

    At Jozema logistics we transport your world whether by air, land or ocean

    Jozema projects LLC

    At Jozema Projects we simplify transportation management, handling crucial tasks so clients can focus on what they do best.

    Josemar Shipping Agency

    Jozema logistics

    Jozema Projects